Lucibelle Tan, JDRF

Where do you work and what do you do?

I am the Fundraising and Development Coordinator at JDRF.

What were your career aspirations as a child?

As a child I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to help people!

What's one thing your fellow MPI GCC members might be surprised to learn about you?

This Spring I started playing rugby for the first time ever. I had never played on a competitive team outside of high school- I played badminton many years ago. Rugby isn’t the kind of sport you just pick up but I love the physical challenge, support I get from my team mates and sense of accomplishment after each game (win or lose). It was a smashing good time!

What are the primary types of meetings and events you're involved in?

A large part of my role is to organize and execute our annual Picks & Plates fundraiser for JDRF. Each year is a challenge to refresh the event for our long-standing supporters while reaching out to new people in the community. I also assist with our annual walk, ride and community engagement events.


I joined MPI when I was in my last stretch of University. I recognized it as a great way to connect to meeting and event professionals and to learn more about the industry. Now that I’m out of school I’m tapping into the resources MPI offers, such as the member directory and mentorship program.

What is your most memorable moment at a meeting or event?

In 2013, I attended the Enactus World Cup in Cancun. I distinctly remember walking into the Opening Ceremonies and being so amazed- it was a bit of a sensory overload! Fun music, cool lighting, flags from different countries waving, delegates from all around the world- it was awesome! I was so proud to be there as a Canadian delegate and was so excited for the days ahead.

If you could have one magic super power, what would it be?

If I could have a super power it would be the ability to fly. I love to travel and experience new places and being able to fly would give me the freedom to do so. Plus I think it’d be very relaxing to fly at night amongst the stars- imagine the beautiful sights!