Empire Award

This year, the MPI Greater Calgary Chapter is bringing back it's annual awards - the Empire Awards.

The MPI GCC Empire Awards is an annual ceremony honoring achievements with our current local chapter members.  These awards recognize MPI GCC members that have displayed a drive for excellence, innovation, participation at the GCC chapter level; including, mentorship, leadership, and industry and community involvement in the following categories:

Award recipients must:

  • Be a member of the MPI Greater Calgary Chapter and in good standing

  • Be an active participant in MPI monthly meetings and special events

  • Made contributions of special note, in terms of innovation, involvement, mentoring, and leadership or leadership potential


In order to nominate an individual or organization for an award, please send an email to Nozer Bhathena, VP Operations, at operations@mpi-gcc.org with the following information:

  • Nominee Name (Individual or Organization)

  • Name of the award for which you are nominating the individual or organization

  • 100-125 word paragraph as to why you feel they are deserving of the award

  • All submissions are confidential and are due to the committee by April 19, 2018.

MPI GCC Empire Awards

  1. Sponsorship Award: A chapter member who has gone above and beyond in donating, volunteering hours, sponsoring monthly events, and contributing funds that have impacted the GCC’s success.
  2. Supplier of the Year: Presented to a supplier member who has made an outstanding contribution to the meeting industry, peers, and to the GCC Chapter.
  3. Planner of the Year: Honours a planner who has made an outstanding contribution to the meeting industry, peers, and within GCC Chapter.
  4. Venue of the Year: Recognized for excellence in food, beverage, service, décor and creativity.
  5. Rising Star: This award recognizes an individual’s chapter leadership potential based on current involvement and personal future leadership goals. It is presented to an active member of the MPI Greater Calgary Chapter who shows an active interest in pursuing future chapter leadership opportunities and in furthering the success of the chapter.  
  6. Chapter Volunteer of the Year: Recognizes a members’ outstanding involvement in the chapter through mentoring, coaching, and otherwise sharing of expertise with peers and others in the event planning industry

All current members are eligible for these awards. 

If you have questions regarding any of the awards or the nomination process, please contact Nozer Bhathena at operations@mpi-gcc.org.