Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

Setting the Standard of Excellence

The foremost certification of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry, the CMP program recognizes individuals who have achieved the industry's highest standard of professionalism. Established in 1985, the CMP credential increases the proficiency of meeting professionals by:

  • Identifying a body of knowledge;

  • Establishing a level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification;

  • Stimulating the advancement of the art and science of meeting management;

  • Increasing the value of practitioners to their employers;

  • Recognizing and raising industry standards, practices and ethics;

  • Maximizing the value received from the products and services provided by Certified Meeting Professionals.

Through the CMP program, individuals who are employed in meeting management pursue continuing education, increase their industry involvement, and gain industry-wide recognition. The requirements for certification are based on professional experience and a written examination. Currently, over 13,000 individuals in 35 countries and territories have earned the CMP designation.

The CMP Board of Directors includes one representative from each planner organization of CIC and four representatives from the supplier category. The CMP Board represents the profession's diversity and serve as a voice for stakeholders who have an interest in maintaining a high industry standards.

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Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)

MPI’s Global CMM program is the first university co-developed global professional designation for senior-level meeting professionals which focuses on strategic issues that are critical to advancement in the meeting industry. Throughout the residency and post-residency portions, attendees are led through exercises designed to promote strategic thinking, leadership and executive decision-making skills. Currently 250 meeting professionals worldwide have obtained this acclaimed certification.

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