Adam Thomas


Where do you work and what do you do?

I work with the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel  (just across the street from the Calgary Tower). I have been with Marriott International for 5 years, beginning in Ottawa and now here in Calgary. In that time I've been a banquet server, banquet supervisor, event coordinator and now most recently a Sales Manager.
What were your career aspirations as a child?

Standard answers here:  astronaut, doctor, fireman... but sadly reality eventually caught up. I couldn't be an astronaut because I'm afraid of heights... I couldn't be a doctor because my compassion ends at Band-Aids... I couldn't be a fireman because those calendars just wouldn't look good anymore! The struggle is real :)
What's one thing your fellow MPI GCC members might be surprised to learn about you?

I have a significant background in science! Not applying it too often these days, but I always enjoy a good chat on the subject.  I am also a huge sports fan (Go Sens, Blue Jays, Bills/Packers and Raptors!!)

What are the primary types of meetings and events you're involved in?

I work with corporate group here at the Marriott - so that's anything with 10-100 guestrooms and/or catering. I'll see business meetings, educational conferences, incentive trips, celebratory galas, and more.

#WhyNot? Being new to Calgary, joining MPI seemed like a great way to create and establish a professional network in the city - it's worked so far and I have really enjoyed meeting many of the diverse MPI members!
What is your most memorable moment at a meeting or event?

New Year's Eve, Ottawa 2013. I was banquet supervisor at the time and closing down the bars at 4am after a very well-attended (and inebriated) party. I've never held so much cold, hard cash in my hands as I did that night. Too bad none of it was mine...

If you could have one magic super power, what would it be?

Flight! Or warping powers. Something to make travelling the globe a little easier.